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A leadership team with vision

We are a country’s Leading German language institution in India with certified native and Indian German teachers to give students the chance to study and enhance their German language skills  to the fullest. 

Best Staff and Faculties

Our faculty is comprised of a highly devoted and diligent staff that is committed to and constantly strives to provide exceptional services in imparting German language education as well as to provide you with an unrivalled learning experience that assists you in accomplishing your goals. As a German-only institute, our goal is to identify and carve out a space for German in India.

Vision and Mission

Our objective is to provide ongoing quality training with the goal of developing future leaders who will utilise their expertise in a competitive global market.

Helping 4M+ students find job

German Interactions is also helping its students in order to find better jobs across various German Companies by enhancing their language command.

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